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The game story

This game is a combination of puzzles, fun and story. The plot of this game takes place in 2021, half of the human population died because of malicious virus and YOU became the last chance to save the rest of the world...

Menu and Settings

You can comfortably adjust settings and start a new game. Because of our auto-saving, you never lose your game status and you can continue at any time.

The Guide

With The Guide, you never get lost in our game. You can enjoy it and you don't have to speculate what are you supposed to do.


The game consists of a few interesting puzzles. First of them are Nonograms. You have to draw a picture by clues - the numbers on the sides of a picture. More information in our game or here.
The second puzzle is called 15 puzzle. You have to move the tiles to correct order. In our game also appears so-called 8 puzzle. More information in our game or here


Are you interested? So you should definitely try it!